Easter in Ruse - Visit the "little vienna" during the orthodox easter weekend

April, 2022
3-Day Travel Guide

Easter in Ruse - Customs, Traditions and Landmarks

One of the biggest Christian holidays is approaching – Easter!
Each year it’s celebrated on a different date. The Orthodox Church sets the date for the celebration of Easter according to the Julian calendar, and the Catholic Church uses the Gregorian calendar. In 2022, Easter falls on April 24. In Bulgaria, the Easter holidays start on April 22 (Friday) and end on April 25 (Monday).

What are the customs and traditions during Easter in Bulgaria?

Good Friday (Razpeti Petak) is the time for spiritual purification. There is no work on this day. Believers go to church to worship the shroud, which symbolizes the cloth with which Jesus Christ was buried, and pass under it for health to purify themselves.
On Holy Saturday (Velika Sabota) the dead are honored. On this day, eggs and ritual breads for the peace of the souls of the dead are distributed and the graves are cleaned.
At midnight on Saturday against Sunday, with lit candles and a bell ringing, believing Christians celebrate Easter, greeting each other with “Christ is Risen!” And “Truly He is Risen!”
The first dance (horo) is played on Easter, after the feast of Sirni Zagovezni. The Easter dance is an expression of people’s joy at the resurrection of nature for a new life. 

Easter in Ruse –
Top Landmarks:

1. Danube River

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe. In addition, the Danube is the river that flows through most countries in the world Map

2. National Revival Park

National Monument – ossuary of the heroes who died for Bulgarian freedom Map

3. Roman fortress Sexaginta Prista

Ancient Roman fortress “Sexaginta Prista” means “Port of the Sixty Ships” Map

Easter in Ruse! Explore Ruse in 3 days or more:

Here are our suggestions for a walk around the sights of Ruse –

Ruse – the city of the free spirit, “little Vienna”, an incredible destination to conquer exactly on the most Christian holiday – Easter.
During the Easter holidays you can visit the traditional spring fair of Ruse. The fair will last until May 1 and will be located along Mladost Alley and part of Peristeri Alley.

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Day 1

-Youth Park
-The Monument of Freedom
-Pantheon of the Revivalists
-Fountain “The Boy with the Hydra”
-Temple of All Saints
-House of Culture
– Monument “King’s Stone”
-The vase Ruse
-Monument to Lyuben Karavelov
-The Navy Tower
-Keya Ruse
-Sexaginta Prista

Day 2

– Church “St. Paul of the Cross”
-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
-State Opera Ruse
-Temple of St. Archangel Michael
-Kunt Capu Fortress Gate
-Monument to the victims of the Holocaust
-The grave of Baba Tonka
-Military Club and Summer Theater
-Monument to those killed in the Serbo-Bulgarian war

Day 3

-Retail building
-Main street-Alexandrovska
-Monument to Elias Canetti
-Monument to Alexander Stamboliiski
– The fountains in front of the Municipality of Rousse
-The Dina Babies building
-Panoramic site Leventa
-Fort “Levent Tabia”
-The spring fair of Ruse

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