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Opens its doors in 2021
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City of the free spirit


Ruse is a crossroaded and cosmopolitan city. Throughout its 20-century history, different eras have left their mark on the diversity of cultural strata. However, his spirit is unchanged – free and eternal like the great European river, which creates influences, which connects, breathes life and promises a future.
Thousands of years ago (from the II century BC) on the site of today’s city there was the ancient Roman fortress Seksaginta Prista, which served as a fortress and port on the border of the Roman state. There are archeological finds testifying to the existence of a Thracian settlement before the emergence of Seksaginta Prista.
Ruse is often called “Little Vienna” in Bulgaria because of the numerous cultural monuments, whose architecture includes the styles of neo-baroque, modern, neoclassicism and secession. Symbols of the city are the Revenue Building, the Monument of Freedom, the Danube River with its coastal park.
Residents and guests of Ruse have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture unique to Bulgaria. The aristocratic and romantic spirit of the city attracts more and more tourists. It is famous for its many preserved buildings from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, which give it a unique atmosphere. There are 272 cultural buildings. Most of the sights are concentrated in the city center (museums, architectural monuments, theater, opera, hotels, restaurants and cafes, souvenir shops), where the Arletti Hotel is located.
Ruse is the largest Bulgarian city on the Danube, the most important transport, logistics, economic and cultural center for Northern Bulgaria. The city is located 300 km from Sofia and 70 km from Bucharest.

About the hotel

Arletti offers the luxury of a 4 star hotel and the charm of a small neat home

Business Hotel Arletti is a small, city hotel located on a quiet street in the center of Ruse, located in northern Bulgaria. The small business hotel will surprise you with its cozy interior environment and amazing green garden in the courtyard. The hotel is suitable for business clients, guests of Sofia, as well as for travellers for tourism.

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The hotel has 1 apartment, 1 single room and 8 double rooms, 3 of which have the possibility of additional accommodation for a third person. Some rooms have a seating area and access to the green garden in the courtyard.




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